This is one of the reasons why every year there are new products hoping to take a share of this huge business, but it is well known that most of these products disappear at the same speed they show up. In some cases because they have side effects, other times because they are not effective at all.

In C.R.A. International, Co. we feel proud of being a part of this important market for several years now. We are a company registered in the State of Florida, USA, since 1992. We manufacture only natural products to lose weight and to quit smoking, using as main ingredients extracts of herbs, roots and seeds.

Part of our success comes from the fact that we are always researching in those fields and this way we have been able to develop an innovative product to lose weight that we are marketing under the name of SLIM CREAM with Hoodia. The main ingredient is Hoodia, which is extracted from a Cactus originated in South Africa and that has been reported by renowned newspapers, magazines and TV stations around the world as one of the greatest weight loss discoveries in the last few years and we are the only ones that has been able to produce it in form of cream!

This cream comes in individual pouches for one day application, which makes it more convenient than if the same ingredient is taken in capsules or any other way.  The content of one pouch is applied on the skin in the morning and this is enough to control the appetite for the entire day! 

But the great advantage when it is compared to any other product or method in the market, and which makes it unique, is that it is proven to be EFFECTIVE IN ALL CASES! In fact, it controls the appetite by the first or second day of use!

These are the products that we manufacture:

  1. Slim Cream with Hoodia, cream to lose weight (click here for more information)

  2. STOP Smoking Cream, cream to quit smoking (click here for more information)

  3. Shape-PATCH, patch to lose weight (click here for more information)

  4. STOP Smoking Patch, patch to quit smoking (click here for more information)

Since we are the manufacturers of these products, we can offer any of them with your own brand without requiring large quantities and at convenient prices. These are some of the private labels made by us:

  • NOOCIGAR, cream to quit smoking (Costa Rica)

  • S.C.H. Cream, cream to lose weight (Costa Rica)

  • Parches Swanlabs, patch to lose weight (Spain)

  • NON-Nicotine Patch, patch to quit smoking (Israel)

  • Sveltí patch, patch to lose weight (France)

  • HangerStopp, patch to lose weight (Austria)

  • Patch-Minceur, patch to lose weight (Canada)

  • Slender PATCH, patch to lose weight (Japan)

At this time, and as part of our plans to be present in more markets, we are seeking for new distributors and/or sales representatives for those countries were we are not represented so far. We will prefer people that are prepared to cover the entire market of their countries or most of it.

Please let us know about your eventual interest in some of our products so that we may send you Samples, Wholesale Price List and any other information you might be interested in. At the same time, we would like to have more information about your experience and business activities.

To contact us please fill out the form below or just e-mail us to:


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Miami, Florida 33172 - USA
Phone: 1-305-591-1622
Fax: 1-305-591-9043

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